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Birth and Post-Partum Doula, Birth Photographer, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor



From Clients and Their Families

“I cannot say enough about Christine’s fantastic doula services! She was not only knowledgeable and professional, but comforting and empathetic. Christine brings tremendous knowledge of the birth process and uses this knowledge to assist birthing mothers and companions in navigating labor. She helped us assess our fears and more importantly, she made us feel empowered in our decision making.

Although I did not have the birth I had hoped for, Christine was nothing but supportive throughout the long and arduous process of induction. She helped me come to terms with my birth story and even after the birth of my child, provided me with ongoing support. Christine is amazing—so down to earth, honest, and dedicated to providing the best possible services to her clients.” – Trish


“I arrived to my sister’s apartment as she was laboring away.  Christine was so calming and comforting to my sister, and helped advise on several beneficial exercises throughout the day!  I was a little anxious seeing my sister transferred [to the hospital] and was worried about complications, but Christine was so great and encouraging, assuring me that things were and would be okay. I will always remember this day, and the valuable guidance Christine provided along the way!” — Aunt Lauren

“Christine was very calming and attentive and was just present when I needed her.  She is a very caring person with a very positive attitude.  She was very encouraging throughout my experience and I appreciate all the support she gave me.” — Lindsey M.


“I loved Christine from the moment I met her:  kind, open, honest and full of good vibes. She made me feel important and that I deserve an amazing experience and she made it so.

We attended Christine’s childbirth preparation class which was excellent and full of information. My husband and I learned how to communicate with one another and really support each other. At the beginning, my husband did not want to attend the labor as he was scared he might not be able to handle it. By taking Christine‘s class and being educated about the process and the importance of every piece of the puzzle, he [was able to be] there for me throughout the entire process.

I have no family with me in the U.S. except my husband and now this wonderful baby girl.  Christine was a mother, a sister, emotional and physical support.  [During labor] she helped me cope using relaxation techniques such as massage, aromatherapy, guided imagery, and pressure massage. She was just amazing — every touch, every soft word.  She was just there doing the right thing at the right moment, going above and beyond for me to have a wonderful experience.

We have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and when I look back, I cherish every moment.  I am thankful for the amazing person Christine is and for making my labor special and full of meaning. I feel blessed.” – Adriana


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“Christine is a wonderful doula! She was an indispensable member of my birth team at my recent home birth, and was also there for me before and after for the support I needed. She is incredibly knowledgeable about birth. I took her birth class and I was very impressed. I felt confident that she would be able to support whatever twists and turns my personal birth journey might take. During my labor, she seemed very intuitive about what I needed, and when. Sometimes we were chatting and cracking jokes – she is very fun to chat with and able to put one at ease in a stressful situation. But she also knew when I needed her to be unobtrusive and fade into the background. Yet when I did need her, she was right there – calm, assertive and efficient. Some women think their husband will be the only support they need during labor. And my husband is a very caring, empathetic man. However, in my opinion, a man can’t know what you need like a woman who’s been through it herself. There were moments when she was the only person in the room who knew what I needed, and that was such a gift! She was able to either help herself, or instruct my husband on how he could help. The birth was an amazing experience, thanks in large part to Christine. To top it all off, she took amazing birth pictures that told story of my labor, emotionally and beautifully.” — Tirzah


“To say Christine is dedicated is an understatement.  She was an excellent sounding board when we had questions and she really had all of our best interests in mind.  Christine is well informed and takes care to spend as much time as you need going over things that she things you should be fully informed about as well as any questions you might have.  She was excellent at making both my wife and I calm before, during and after the labor.  She is friendly, caring and a fount of great information.  We would highly recommend her for anyone expecting a child.  You will not be disappointed.  She is truly remarkable!” – Erik W.

“I’m a first time mother and I was admittedly terrified of the entire birthing experience. But Christine equipped my husband and I with everything that we needed to know to have a natural, beautiful and safe birthing EXPERIENCE. Yes, an experience I’ll never forget. She is kind and understanding. A great energy and sweet spirit. She calmed my nerves! We’ll be using her services again!” — Jai



“At times [during my labor], I did not want to be touched or spoken to.  However, I simply needed her physical presence. She respected my wants and needs at every moment and I never felt as though I could not ask or say something to her. She was very gracious and easy going. Although we had only met a couple weeks before, her friendly and outgoing nature made it seem as though Christine was an old friend.

I had planned on a home birth. However, it was important I transfer to the hospital.  I am so thankful that Christine was there for me. After such a long labor [over several days], I was physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted and had not prepared for a hospital birth. Christine’s support, encouragement and knowledge played a crucial role in keeping my spirits up and reminding me what my goals were before the exhaustion took over. I was tired and not thinking clearly. I would have forever regretted my choices I would have made at the time.  She helped me birth the way I wanted to and not the way I was being told. For this, I will be forever grateful.” — Caitlin


“I just wanted to send you a personal thank you. When [my wife] first told me she wanted a doula for our baby’s birth, I must say, as your typical macho man, I was skeptical. I thought, ‘Million of people have babies. How hard could this really be?’ Well, I was ignorant to everything that’s involved. Without your services and childbirth classes, I would have been really lost and hopeless in encouraging my wife. You truly were a wonderful support for our baby’s birth and (to my surprise!) for me as well. I must say I have much new respect for your profession and highly recommend your services.” – Dan


“Christine was like the best friend I never had through my labor, birth, and after.  She massaged my back, talked to me, cheered me on and held my hand.   She has such energy and a sense of humor!   During our post-partum visit, she answered any questions I had and gave me several tips concerning baby rashes and breastfeeding.  She’s quite the problem solver!  It was such a pleasure having her assist me through it all.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone in search of a doula.  Christine rocks!” – Emily


10524694_10204354805341117_5384703429976494570_na“I should be the sage by now, having raised 2 teenage daughters. But there I was, unexpectedly blessed with a new baby boy, feeling like I was going through my “4th trimester” (as they call it) for the first time. I was panicking. I was tired. I was in pain. I was recovering from the only C-section I ever had. The very first person I thought to call was Christine. I knew without a doubt in my mind that she would have comforting words and advice. But most importantly, she reminded me to breathe, which is something I quite often forgot as a nervous mom.

At one year, she walked me through his teething-related biting and “hunger strike” just when I thought we were weaning. She knew enough to encourage me to stick it out, and I’m forever grateful that she did.

Christine has been my #1 go-to source for information on newborn care and breastfeeding. She has been my guiding light, always pointing me in the right direction and has been immediately responsive every time I needed her at any hour. I would ask her questions and receive advice and positive reinforcement every step of the way. She always made me feel secure and confident in my decisions.” – Kathy


“Recently, my daughter gave birth to my beautiful grandson.  We had the pleasure to have Christine by her side every step of the way.  Without her, my daughter would have had a more trying experience.  Christine is a special lady who possesses excellent qualities.  She was caring, hands-on, gentle, friendly, out-going and knowledgeable.  She was amazing and so helpful.” – Grandma Jennifer


“Christine diligently took on a variety of roles to support our desires throughout the labor process, so we could focus on bringing our child into this world as naturally as possible. She supported our every need along the way and helped us to consider new information and decisions that needed to be made. Christine was fully committed to our needs, helping us feel comfortable and supporting us every step of the way. She was amazing.” – Jessica H. and Erik C




“I wanted a doula who would bring her experience and knowledge but also really listen to what I was saying during my process and help me achieve a natural, medicine-free birth. I can’t thank Christine enough for giving me the birth I always wanted. I just wish we’d had her there for my first daughter’s birth. I would recommend Christine to any (and every!) expecting mom I meet.” – Siouxzi



“I would not have been able to have a natural birth without Christine. Such a nice, kind, loving woman. I will definitely be using her services for my next birth.” –  Kelly


“At first I was uncertain whether or not we needed a doula for our childbirth, but after having Christine support us in our process I know we wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Christine provided just the right balance of competence, assertiveness and warmth to help guide us through this incredibly significant and uncertain event in our lives. We are so thankful that she was there for us before, during and after our daughter joined us in this world and we’re glad that she’ll be there for many more beautiful children in her work as a doula in the years to come.” – Ali


“Christine was an absolute asset during my labor and delivery! As a first time mom, she helped my partner and I prepare for the type of birth we were hoping for, and provided us with a ton of information beforehand so that we could make educated and evidence-based decisions in the moment. She was amazing with helping me cope with my contractions! She coached me through various tools to manage discomfort, and was very hands on with helping me through tough moments when I felt like I had hit a wall. She was so caring and encouraging during my labor and delivery! The postpartum visit in our home was also extremely helpful. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to not have Christine with us during this monumental time in our lives! If we have another baby in the Chicago area, we will definitely request Christine’s services again!” – Kelli


“Christine’s child birth classes are very thorough and informative. She covers topics beyond birthing, like pregnancy and postpartum care. They’re like a crash course in mothering, and are everything you need to know to begin your journey into parenthood informed and confident.” – Rita


“Christine came to me at a time when I really needed someone. I was having doubts about what to do with my [breastmilk] supply tanking. Christine lent a helping hand, gave genuine, non-biased support, and offered a bounty of suggestions. She made me feel great.” –  Lauren B.


Christine “is extremely thorough and very generous with her time. Not once did I feel like she was rushing us to finish a meeting or a phone call. She made sure that all of our questions were answered and that we were well prepared for my labor.   The emotional support that she gave me when I was overdue and approaching an induction was just what I needed.  Her cool confidence helped my husband and my mother stay calm.  I am very glad that Christine was my doula!”  — Henriet


“Christine has such a relatable personality and she has an ability to connect with people, which is such a gift in her profession. I felt comfortable asking her questions, knowing that she would not talk down to me.” — Sogi



“I recently met with Christine to discuss gentle weaning techniques because I am nursing my toddler while pregnant. Christine is someone who understands the delicate balance of a nursing relationship, someone who listened to my concerns, and practical ideas and advice to make the changes with my daughter. The meeting gave me the confidence I needed to restore balance into our nursing relationship. Christine gave me lots of ideas and I saw success right away! Christine really understands children and their myriad needs and she every suggestion was respectful of my daughter and her needs at this stage of her development. I am very grateful for my meeting with Christine.  Now I am prepared to move in whichever direction is right for my family.” — Moira


From Medical Care Providers



“Christine was a great addition to our team today!  She was at my patient’s side the entire time!  When the patient was presented with the news there was a complication, Christine helped the patient understand what was happening and helped [her] remain calm and focused.  Christine helped this difficult, high risk situation move as smoothly as possible.  We were so happy to have her!” – Dr. Jessica Sulkowski


“I would definitely recommend Christine as a doula and look forward to working with her at future births.” – Hillary Kieser, CNM



“Christine has a calming presence and quiet confidence that helps so many women experience the beauty of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.” – Dr. Sheila Crowe


“Christine provided emotional, informational, and physical support to both mom and dad. She provided a constant reassuring presence to the family and advocated appropriately for her client’s wishes throughout a long and complicated labor course. Christine skillfully interpreted her client’s needs and adjusted to meet them. At times she stepped in to allow the father to rest, at others she communicated with waiting family members, and at times she took a less active role when appropriate. She made suggestions for activity vs. rest, position changes for fetal engagement, and suggested positions for second stage labor. She also photographed the labor and birth. I was very grateful for her presence and know the family was extremely grateful as well.” – Nicole Shapiro, CNM


“Always happy to see Christine.  She is cooperative with staff and very helpful to moms.”  — Meredith, RN


“Excellent doula, who supported patient effectively at home and encouraged patient to come to hospital at the appropriate time. Christine was able to switch gears when fetal condition required deviations from the birth plan, and continued to provide perspective and calm focus.” — Brigitte Raahauge, CNM




[Christine had] “a wonder rapport with both the mother and the family. Great interaction with staff as well as a supportive and comforting aura.” –           Allison Manko, CNM


“Christine supported this couple through the decision making process with multiple complications that were unplanned. She provided breastfeeding support and photos of bonding. Christine did an excellent job helping this couple. She worked to preserve what could be from their birth preferences.” – Marybeth Waldorf, CNM



“Christine provided skilled and calm labor support. She had good suggestions for relaxation. She was aware of clinically significant findings. She very nicely supported this client, made her feel safe and was attuned to her needs.” – Annie, RN/midwife assistant


“Excellent with counseling patient and helping patient cope.”  — Dr. Michelle Quinn


“Christine provided excellent doula support to the patient.  She was very good at following the patient’s wishes.  She created a supportive labor environment and explained what was happening to the patient.”  — Catrina Richardson, CNM




“Christine provided hands on physical and emotional support to the birthing mother, as well as support to her family. Christine did not leave her client’s side.  She helped promote comfort and relaxation, as well as encouragement and information.  Christine was very effective in helping the mother maintain a relaxed and confident state throughout labor. She helped through transition, responding to and anticipating her client’s needs.” – Sarah, RN







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