Christine Sheets Birth Services

Birth and Post-Partum Doula, Birth Photographer, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor

Labor and Birth Doula

I offer a FREE one hour consultation for us to get to know each other and determine if I am the right doula to join your labor and birth support team.

Expectant parents’ individual mind-sets, desires and personal histories play an important part in shaping their birth experience. During your pregnancy, I will meet with you to understand those factors and what you envision for your upcoming birth. We will also examine the information and evidence regarding the benefits and risks of your birth options.

As your doula, some techniques that I may use to help you are: positive encouragement, light massage, hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, focused breathing, relaxation, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, music, movement and optimal positioning.




My services as a birth doula include:

  • One or two pre-natal appointments at the location of your choice. We will use these visits to explore your priorities and concerns surrounding the upcoming birth, and to discuss your birth plan and how we might best work together.
  • Unlimited support for the remainder of your pregnancy through phone, email and text messages.
  • 24/7 availability beginning two weeks before your estimated due date until the birth.
  • Continuous support for labor and birth, beginning whenever you feel that you need me up until one to two hours after the birth.
  • Initial breastfeeding support immediately following the birth.
  • Continued support in the early post-partum period through phone, email and text messaging.
  • One post-partum visit in your home within the first four weeks after birth. At this time, we will reflect on your birth experience, discuss any concerns and provide additional resources.


If you have any questions; or would like information on my availability or pricing; or if you would like to set up a consultation, please contact me at or at 708.743.9024 or via the contact form.





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