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Bengkung Belly Binding

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This type of postpartum abdominal wrapping has been practiced in traditional Malaysian cultures for centuries. It can:

  • help displaced organs return to normal positions after being displaced by pregnancy
  • relieve the “loose” or “jelly” feeling that many women experience after giving birth
  • facilitate your body’s return to pre-pregnancy size and shape, slimming your rib cage, hips and stomach
  • support your abdominal muscles and helps them knit back together
  • reduce bleeding time after childbirth
  • prevents slouching during nursing sessions which can lead to painful injuries


During your belly binding session, I will demonstrate the wrapping technique and teach you and your partner or support person how to wrap you.  This session can be held as early as 2-3 days postpartum after a vaginal birth or 1-2 weeks after a surgical birth, depending on your comfort level and healing.  It is recommended that your binder be worn for 24 hours during the first day and a minimum of 6 hours per day for at least 2-4 weeks.

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