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Birth and Post-Partum Doula, Birth Photographer, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor

Recommended Reading


The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month, Everything You Need to Know From America’s Baby Experts by William Sears, Martha Sears and Linda Hughey Holt

The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth by William Sears and Martha Sears

The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger

Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper

Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

Active Birth: The New Approach To Giving Birth Naturally by Janet Balaskas

Childbirth Choices Today: Everything You Need To Know To Plan A Safe & Rewarding Birthby Carl Jones

The Birth Partner Handbook: Everything You Need to Know for a Healthy, Positive Birth Experience by Carl Jones

Mind over Labor: A Breakthrough Guide to Giving Birth by Carl Jones

Visualizations For An Easier Childbirth by Carl Jones

Natural Childbirth, The Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon

Having Your Baby With A Nurse-Midwife : Everything You Need To Know To Make An Informed Decision by Sandra Jacobs, The American College Of Nurse-Midwives

Water Birth : A Midwife’s Perspective by Susanna Napierala

The Waterbirth Handbook: The Gentle Art Of Waterbirthing by Roger Lichy

Baby Catcher:  Chronicles of a Modern Midwife by Peggy Vincent

Real Birth: Women Tell Their Stories by Robin Greene

Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care by Jennifer Block


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